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  • Advantages of Pavers

    Creating a visual appeal for your outdoors!

    Paving blocks are new generation paving material, in the form of interlocking precast concrete blocks. These concrete paving blocks combine strength, beauty, variety, ease of laying and most importantly, they are low- maintenance products. Apart from being extremely cost-effective material, pavers are also very durable and are made to sustain all weather conditions. In case of any maintenance, the pavers can be removed and replaced individually without damaging the pavers, which leads to cost-reduction.

    Interlocking pavers are laid on wet compacted or prepared ground. Natural sand is spread on 60 mm thick surface and screened to the required level. The blocks are laid on the sand bed and compacted by vibrating plate compactor.

    Paver blocks are environment friendly as they allow rainwater to percolate back into the ground. The water can easily seep in-between the pavers and be absorbed into the ground, thus maintaining the water-table underground.